Where is turbulence most common

Nov 08, 2017 · In short, we usually have to deal with turbulence at lower altitudes in our atmosphere. In the old days, before aircraft had pressurised cabins, we had to fly at much lower altitudes, where turbulence was more common. 3. Turbulence caused by jet streams Turbulence models in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are methods to include the effect of turbulence in the simulation of fluid flows. The majority of simulations require a turbulence model as turbulent flows are prevalent in nature and in industrial flows and occur in most engineering applications. Each year worldwide, about a hundred people, half of them flight attendants, are hurt by turbulence seriously enough to require medical attention — head, neck, shoulder and ankle injuries being the most common. That works out to about fifty passengers. Fifty out of the two billion or so who fly each year. A common location of clear air turbulence is in an upper trough on the polar side of a jet stream The wind system associated with a low-pressure area in the Northern Hemisphere is